Median Charitable Donation


Median Charitable Donation by Donors (Current Dollars)

Methods and Limitations:

Tax filers are people who filed a tax return for the reference year and were alive at the end of the year. Information in this table is based on a version of the T1 file produced 9 months after the reference year. Later versions of the T1 file will contain some additional records.

Charitable donor is defined as a tax filer reporting a charitable donation amount on line 340 of the personal income tax form.

Median is the middle number in a group of numbers. Where a median charitable donation, for example, is given as $500, it means that exactly half of the charitable donations reported are greater than or equal to $500, and that the other half is less than or equal to the median amount. Starting in 2007, median incomes in the data tables are rounded to the nearest ten dollars (prior to 2007 they were rounded to the nearest hundred dollars). Zero values are not included in the calculation of medians for individuals.


Statistics Canada. Table 11-10-0002-01  Tax filers with charitable donations by sex and age


Median Charitable Donation in the Sustainable Development Goals

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